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Happiness is one of the most important aspects of our lives, yet it is often overlooked and undervalued. However, the benefits of happiness are vast and far-reaching, and the impact it can have on our lives and the lives of those around us is undeniable.

When we are happy, we radiate positivity and attract more positive people and experiences into our lives. Happy people tend to be healthier, both physically and emotionally, and have better relationships, higher levels of creativity, and more energy. This, in turn, makes those around us happier, and creates a positive cycle of happiness and well-being.

But the benefits of Thought of The Day don’t stop there. Happy individuals are also more likely to help others and make a positive impact on the world. They have a greater sense of purpose and are more likely to engage in activities that benefit their communities and the environment. In short, happy people are more likely to be productive, compassionate, and make the world a better place.

So, how can we cultivate happiness in our lives? It starts with the small things. Incorporating daily habits like gratitude, exercise, mindfulness, and positive thinking can help us cultivate happiness and reap its many benefits. We can also surround ourselves with happy, positive people, and engage in activities that bring us joy and fulfillment.

In conclusion, happiness is a powerful force that can transform our lives and the lives of those around us. By taking the time to cultivate happiness, we can improve our own well-being and make a positive impact on the world.

Remaining vegan must be increasingly difficult if you’re also homeless.

It’s weird how bananas are used a lot to show scale since their size isn’t consistent.

People who drink their coffee black, eat spicy foods, and enjoy sour candy are all casual masochists.

The Wizard of Oz Munchkins already had a memorized song about the death of the Wicked Witch.

For every inspirational story about overcoming hardships and emerging successful against the odds, there’s probably a hundred more about those who don’t turn out successful, and then no one hears about them again.

Thought of The Day in Hindi Short

There is probably a tastier bird that we’re missing out on bc evolution didn’t favor it

You see much less writing on shitter stall walls since the mass adoption of smartphones

There is an inverse relationship between how well you know someone and how much you clean your house before having them over.

Kids spinning in circles to make themselves dizzy is their first dabbling in altering reality

There must be somebody out there that kills people and uses their body parts to decorate their garden for Halloween and the neighbours think it’s just props.

When you drink water on a hike, your load (backpack, e.g.) feels lighter even though your total weight hasn’t changed.

Humans are the ultimate horror film from the perspective of almost any animal.

Thought of The Day in English

It’s really easy to forget that vanilla is black

As a greeting, you head bob down to strangers and head bob up to people you know.

Customer service people are actors and actresses.

There are too many people whose favorite freedom is taking away mine.

Society operates on insane amounts of trust

When you make brownies, you make one big brownie and cut it into little brownies.

Birth control pills are there to prevent fertilization when you wanna do the deed, but side effects include, not wanting to do the deed

Thought of The Day English to Hindi Short

Every one of us has kicked a pregnant woman.

The easiest way to wait for something is to forget it exists.

Pavlov probably thought about feeding his dog whenever he heard the bell.

A plain, brown paper bag is simultaneously the most nondescript and most suspicious of bags.

Some vegans don’t eat meat because they believe it’s wrong to kill an animal as their food, but the vegetables they eat came from a plowed field that likely killed so many more creatures.

Folding laundry counts as a date if you like each other enough.

Digging up people’s graves to loot their belongings is wrong unless you’re an archaeologist and the person died long ago.

Thought of The Day English and Hindi

A truly successful dad joke probably gets more groans than laughs

Due to smartphones, hardly anybody knows about Methylchloroisothiazolinone or sodium laureth sulfate anymore

Electricity is earth’s magic system, we are simply too accustomed to it.

There’s a whole generation of kids who have never heard a dial tone.

Thanks giving is about being thankful for what you have, black Friday is about wanting more, instead of being thankful.

Thought of The Day for Schools

Willy Wonka was a slave trader

Dogs have a super powerful sense of smell, and they don’t seem to care about our farts.

In English, there’s a word for siblings, for parents, cousins, grandparents etc. but there isn’t a collective word for aunties and uncles

A day will come, where everyone will win at the game, because everybody who remembered it will be dead.

Two entire genrations of men in WW1 and WW2 were probably traumatized on such a large scale that it largely changed masculinity in our society

We think of Romans as ancient. But they thought of themselves as the most advanced civilization in history to that point. Some civilization in the future will think of us as ancient and rudimentary.

Never take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from

Elephants being afraid of mice is considered funny and absurd, but humans being afraid of bugs is considered normal.

Humans are so high in the predators hierarchy that it has other predators as pets.

Thought of The Day in Hindi or English

Birds that live their entire lives in the south are probably tired of all the bird tourists every year.

Turkeys migrate further as leftovers than as live birds.

Courage the Cowardly dog is actually courageous because he faces the monsters in every episode despite being afraid.

Homeless people probably hate the general public more than how we view them because of the amount of stuff they see that we waste and throw in the garbage.

As kids we all just agreed to hate Barney and didn’t question why we hated him

Being your own boss is great until you realize you’re the one who has to make you show up to work

Money is commonly the answer to both why something was done or why it wasn’t, unfortunately

Thought of The Day and Meaning in Hindi

People without an internal monologue are the same people who speak without thinking first.

Most foods are eaten from the outside in, but Pizza we eat from the inside out.

There’s a certain radius around where you live where you wouldn’t stay in a hotel

Lab grown meat will have less microplastics than farmed meat

The last person we think about before we go to sleep is either the source of our pain or happinesses.

A scarily large amount of jobs only exist because people are idiots and/or assholes.

To the outside, humans must seem pretty psychotic. We flash our teeth to show joy. When we like something we squeeze it and we hit ourselves repeatedly when we find something we enjoyed.

Our eating, drinking, talking and working habits have dramatically changed throughout history. But sleeping has basically remained the same.

You see more suns at night than in the daytime.

It’s hard to enjoy Sundays when you are dreading Mondays.

Of fictional clowns, Ronald McDonald has a much higher body count than The Joker.

Best Thought of The Day

Stop talking about celebrities and they will stop being celebrities

You can technically live the rest of your life without breathing

Paper straws suck because they don’t suck

In the entire Universe, wood is certainly more rare and valuable than diamond

Somewhere, during the countdown to Y2K, someone’s power went out and they probably thought the world was ending.

A persons book collection is a good depiction of who they want to be. Their search history is a good one of who they are.

The number 0 is shaped like a portal between the world of – and + numbers

Negativity is a beast that, if you continue to feed it, will eventually become strong enough to consume you

There’s not really a friendly way to lock a door behind someone

Short Thought of The Day in Hindi and English

Socrates & Aristotle had a Platonic relationship.

You are expected to acknowledge the participation of others in your success but never in your failures.

Money can’t buy happiness, but poverty can definitely cause sadness

It is better to not be able to remember than to not be able to forget.

The Ring finger is the only finger that doesn’t convey a meaning when it is raised alone

Future generations of kids won’t know that cars used to go Vrroooommm

In movies, duels with medieval weapons and armor can last several minutes, while the same fights with the same equipment during a large scale battle are decided in 5 seconds at most

Someone can speak flawless English without knowing any rules of the English language.

Your eyeballs will probably never touch another person’s eyeballs. (I hope).

Short Thought of The Day in Hindi

There are 24 whole hours in the day and yet smoke detector batteries only die between 3am and 5am.

The fact that Cats are far more dangerous than Wolf Spiders, yet we love them far more and are far less afraid of them, says a lot about how humans value physical appearance in creatures

Even though it’s the most popular sport on Earth, football is not the most popular sport in 4 of the 5 largest countries, which represent 3 billion people.

The difference between tacos and nachos is the level of entropy

An apple core is often depicted in cartoons as being trash when people litter, however, they’re completely biodegradable.

There is a generation of people that didn’t know it was once possible to physically put objects on top of a TV

Your dad didn’t love leftovers as much as you thought, he was just trying to stretch your family’s money.

The world is so devoid of basic compassion that even the smallest act of kindness is seen as a grand gesture and something special.

People who survive a disaster are considered lucky, but they’re way less lucky than people who didn’t go through a disaster

People with no internal monologue must be really good at meditating.

The most climate-friendly diet is eating the rich

Ferris Bueller is who we want to be, but Cameron Frye is who we are

There is a 50 percent chance that the two E’s of bee are silent

Thought of The Day English to Hindi

Statistically there is a serial killer out there who doesn’t kill people simply because it’s too much work and they’re lazy.

A chemistry teacher is a bunch of atoms explaining what atoms are

In cultural depections of Vikings/Norse culture, Tattoos have replaced Horned helmets as the most famous but also totally historically inaccurate wardrobe choice.

We still live in caves – just comfortable ones.

Body parts tend to come singly, in pairs, or multiples of pairs, but starfish just went Fuck it and went for 5 arms

It’s ironic that infertility can be genetic

Spiders were probably an absolute nightmare to early mammals.

Dogs fall in love with their kidnappers.

Whenever you skip a rock, you’ll most likely be the last person to ever touch that rock.

You only ever hear like father like son, like father like daughter, like mother like daughter but never like mother like son

The only time you can be certain a cop isn’t lying to you is when they’re reading you your Miranda rights.

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