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“Quote status” refers to the use of quotes or sayings as a status update on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram. These quotes can be motivational, inspirational, funny, or just a reflection of the user’s current mood or thoughts. Quote statuses are often created by combining a relevant quote with an image or background design, and they can also be used to share the thoughts of well-known individuals, celebrities, or historical figures. These types of statuses are popular because they provide a quick and easy way to express oneself and can also be used to convey important messages or perspectives.

quote statuses can serve as a source of motivation or inspiration for the user’s followers and can often start conversations or discussions among them. They can also be used to provide a sense of humor or levity to one’s social media presence. Many users also enjoy browsing quote status collections and finding ones that resonate with them, as they can serve as a reminder of a specific message or thought that the user wants to keep in mind. Overall, quote statuses are a creative and simple way for users to share their thoughts and emotions with their social media network.

There are three sides to a coin.

Before 1927, deaf, colorblind and persons without visual impairment saw movies the same way (if we ignore the pianist that played sometimes)

A responsible gun owner hopes to never use it, like nukes.

Many rocks have never known sunlight.

Getting the day off work unexpectedly always feels better and more exciting than when it is expected

Jalne Wale Status in English

Platypuses are the only animal that can produce eggs and milk, so they can fabricate their own puddings

It’s only January 3rd but a CEO of a large corporation has already earned more than the average workers annual salary

There’s a certain turning point where weighted blankets go from helping with anxiety to giving anxiety

All the non-contact primitive tribes are going to lose their shit when we start building colonies on the moon.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy less stress

You can never be 100% sure of whether or not you’re immortal.

Tornadoes are invisible we only see the stuff they suck in.

We’re all living at the top of huge underwater mountain ranges.

At one point we weren’t alive before, and don’t recall it being unpleasant. But we are afraid of dying and going back to that place.

There are potentially hundreds of pictures of you out there that you will never see.

The hardest thing about getting old is running out of people who understand you.

Matlabi Log Status in English

We’re taught to be comfortable changing in front of the same sex in gym class, yet we’re never told why.

Mathematics is the programming language for our universe

On the whole, humans are generally good. The problem is that we can be convinced that evil is good.

Retirement homes are technically orphanages

Next year we will be closer to 2064 that to 1984

Gussa Status in English

Birds collect our hair to stay warm, we gather theirs for the same purpose.

Some people have lost more money in a day than some have ever made in a lifetime

Almost anything can be used as a percussion instrument.

Nanny-cam teddy bears must live a hellish life in the Toy Story Universe

Typically someone else’s leftover food does not appeal to others, but most people actually enjoy their own leftover food.

Whatsapp Status of Life

Men are more likely to know when they’re dehydrated than women because they watch their own stream.

Realizing you’ve checked off everything that needed to be done for the week at 4:00 pm on Thursday is as good an endorphin boost as a 3-mile run.

The only reason monsters don’t exist is because whenever we discover a real monster, it immediately becomes an animal.

Some blind people save a lot of money on electricity because they don’t need lights.

Nothing is stopping any of us from going to a different restaurant every day and saying it’s our birthday for a little free cake

Despite the main demographic for Pokémon being 20-30 year olds and continually growing older with each new release, you’re only ever able to play as a teen character in the games.

Aukat Status in English

We vilify thieves but glorify military conquerors for thievery on a much larger scale.

With eggs being so expensive, that weird person on your street that has their own chickens is finally vindicated

History’s most successful criminals will never go down in history.

The reason Waldo is traveling everywhere is because he’s trying to find himself.

Most essential workers are paid non essential wages

Tax evasion is a skill every accountant is expected to have but can’t be taught in school

Almost everybody in earth is undefeated in professional boxing

Breaded chicken is weird. We coat an adult chicken with a baby chicken, cover it in flour, fry it, and eat it. It is a well-loved meal amongst children and adults

There’s a radius around your house where you refuse to sleep in a hotel.

Bewafa Status in English

One day, we will remember old people through gifs, their tiktok videos and posts saved off once thriving websites.

When bored, humans will open and close their phones every few seconds as if it were a refrigerator, hoping something different will magically be there.

Holes aren’t a thing. They are the non-existence of a thing. Holes don’t exist.

According to the human brain, the human brain is the most complicated organ known to the human brain.

We have bad memory for good memories and good memory for bad memories

We have to build cemeteries for 8 billion people in less than 100 years.

It’s weird that good morning, good afternoon, and good evening are all greetings, but good night is a farewell

There are significantly more unmarked graves in the world than there are marked ones.

Not being yourself is a positive thing if you’re a dick.

Humans are pretty lucky that fire isn’t too bright to stare at.

Busy Status in English

Anytime an allergy is mentioned in a movie that person usually gets killed or poisoned with it

We can start screaming like hell at any given moment, we just choose not to do it.

Once vehicles become fully autonomous/self-driving, there will be no stopping at all until arriving at your final destination.

Pretty fucked up waking up from a nightmare, thinking you’ve just lived through the most terrifying and confusing shit your mind can conjure up, to then have to just get up and go straight to work and be normal

You have 128 great, great, great, great, great grandparents and they were in their primes about 140 years ago.

When you work really hard to master something, everyone who watches you do it thinks it’s easy.

Public transportation teaches us to be punctual

Boxed wines are capri suns for depressed adults

Everything is as old as the universe.

We are mostly untrusting of strangers yet we drive 55 mph down a 2 lane road and are completely trusting that the 100s of cars we pass won’t jerk the wheel even 2 inches to their left and kill us instantly

We’re really lucky that blinking doesn’t make noise

Jaat Status in English

The G in Black Angus restaurant signs have the most important job of any signage.

Parenting a teenager is difficult because its hard to tell them you understand what they’re going through without admitting to all the things you did as a teenager

Kids won’t tell a soul when they are tired but adults will tell anyone who’ll listen

Dentists are cutting their own business by advising people how to clean their teeth properly

Somebody somewhere accidentally has you in the background of their photo.

There had to be some straight fire songs from ancient civilizations that we just missed out on because they were never written down.

Our finger fitting perfectly in our nostrils must be an evolutionary prank

Overcoming yourself is the hardest tribulation one can face in life.

Modern vampire stories make no sense because blood banks exist

When people think about travelling to the past, they worry about accidentally changing the present, but no one in the present really thinks they can radically change the future.

We named ourselves humans

Bad Boy Attitude Status in English

Your teeth are the only part of your skeleton that you clean.

Cats are living proof that if you are pretty enough, even the world’s biggest jerks can be loved by someone.

It seems unfair that people who want to go to bed have to put the people to bed who don’t want to go to bed.

Everyone wants to save the world but no one wants to help Mom with the dishes

Television commercials have far more influence on people having unrealistic exptecations about life than pornography.

Egg salad is still chicken salad.

Some people have already reached their half-life without realizing it.

Taking someone’s pen after using it is a socially acceptable form of stealing.

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